ONIONWAVE was a term jokingly coined by me. At first, it was a name describing unitrΔ_Δudio’s vaporwave releases (early 2014). Then it became something much more. I’ve always wanted to create my own label, to promote not only my music but also other talented artists who need a little bit of spotlight, a little kick to motivate them to continue working on their craft. I like this name. It’s a little bit goofy, I agree, but it sounds cool. Onions have layers. So does art.

Even though there are some Onionwave releases already, the label started working officially by the end of 2018. All genres are welcome. Whether you make slow wave tunes, hard-hitting trap bangers, groovy deep house or 80s-inspired dreamy electro – if it’s good, we’ll gladly release it. Visit “Contact” to send us a demo!

Paweł “P.A.F.F.” Kasperski