enøize is a music producer born in 1996, currently living in Bialystok, Poland. She took her first steps in music production back when she was 13 after she got her first computer. She started with electro house music, but showed a growing fascination with progressive sounds over time. Her first official release is the progressive house “Dreamcatcher EP” from 2015. In ONIONWAVE, she debuted with the single “Miami 1980”, presenting the audience with a style (synthwave / retrowave), which she is currently the most known for. In December 2018, she released her debut album “Voyager”, which was warmly received by listeners. This, of course, does not mean that Ewelina likes to limit herself to one sound – her productions are inspired by many genres and she will certainly surprise us a lot.

ONIONWAVE releases:
● Miami 1980 (singiel, 2018)
● Enigma (singiel, 2018)
● Voyager (album, 2018)
● CRUSH (singiel, 2019)
● Birth of a Star (singiel, 2019)
● ONIONWAVE Summer Anthems (kompilacja, 2019)
● Calling Me (singiel, 2019)
● Be There For You (x P.A.F.F.) (singiel, 2019)
● P.A.F.F. “HIGHLY (enøize Remix)” (singiel, 2019)

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