KAMIRV (pronounced KAMIRU) or simply Kamil is a music producer born in 1993 from Wroclaw, Poland, currently residing in the UK since 2007. He made his first musical steps around 2010, mainly enjoying sampled sounds. After a break of several years, he decided to return to producing at the end of 2018 and try his hand at electronic music. He draws his inspiration from such genres as wave, future garage, ambient, trap or EDM and oscillates around them, aiming to create his own signature sound.

ONIONWAVE releases:
● “DREAMERS” (single, 2019)
● “SUMMER SOLSTICE (ONIONWAVE Summer Anthems)” (compilation, 2019)
● “SAVE ME” (single, 2019)
● “CELESTIAL” (single, 2019)

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