Name: Paweł Kasperski
Artist name: P.A.F.F.
Location: Wrocław, Poland
Genre: electronic


“P.A.F.F. is a musical futurist who does not care about genre divisions.” – Elvis Strzelecki, Electronic Beats Polska, 2020

Paweł “P.A.F.F.” Kasperski is one of the most valued multi-genre music producers in Poland. He has achieved widespread success on the international scene as a representative of trap, house, ambient, trance & hip-hop within the span of nearly 15 years. Paweł’s list of collaborators includes such international stars as Major LazerSalvatore GanacciEmma Hewitt, and Jada Pinkett Smith. His talent for creating interesting remixes was appreciated by Dash BerlinBunji GarlinScooter & Wiz Khalifa, and many more. He is also the first Polish producer who appeared with his DJ mix on a famous BBC Radio 1’s “Diplo & Friends” radio show.

His side-projects are shrouded in a veil of mystery. Apart from the P.A.F.F. project, his musical portfolio includes several other successful aliases. Not only is Paweł an established producer, but also an event organizer, graphic designer, DJ, and founder & CEO of the ONIONWAVE label.

There are no genre boundaries for this man. What can we expect from him in the future? It’s hard to say. As a musician, Paweł is not capable of just one style. His oozing creativity and unpredictability always bring something new to the table. But one thing is for sure: you won’t be bored.

ONIONWAVE releases: