t dot est

Artist name: t dot est
Also known as: t.est
Location: Poland
Genre: electronic / ambient / experimental


t dot est was founded in Stavanger, Norway, in 2014 as an experimental electronic project inspired by natural and urban soundscapes. It developed over time and now incorporates various music genres: IDM, folk, ambient, electronica as well as soundscape recordings. t dot est’s diverse concept albums are inspired by many different places and stories:

  • NORDSTEPS (2018, independent) is inspired by traveling to Norwegian cities: from rainy Stavanger, through Odda, Bodo and Trondheim, up to Longyearbyen.
  • The “Project Anton” Saga (Project Anton, PA2, Re:Anton, A40) is the soundtrack for an imagined film scenario.
    • Project Anton (2018, independent) relates to interstellar travel and man’s desolate journey through the universe and time.
    • PA2 (2019, ONIONWAVE) is a sequel to Project Anton.
    • re:Anton (2019, ONIONWAVE) is a compilation of remixes of tracks from two previous albums by artists such as P.A.F.F., Maro Music, Wojtek Kiełbicki, Kris Mandre, Synthesaur, Zeu5, Wojciech Kiwer, Michal Gutkowski, Mat Czechowicz, Jakub Adamek and Piotr Figiel.
    • A40 (2020, ONIONWAVE) is the return of the main character Anton to Earth and its annihilation.
  • Hulaty (2019, Ruska Bursa) is an experimental electronic approach to traditional Lemko songs.
  • summer420 feat. Ania Dudek (June 2020, ONIONWAVE) was a single included in the “ONIONWAVE Summer Anthems 2” compilation.
  • Kurpiowskie 1 (October 2020, self-released) is a collaborative mini-album with Susanna Jara.
  • BLMRVRSD (2020, ONIONWAVE) consists of 10 tracks inspired by piano improvisation and urban soundscape recordings captured during the pandemic.

ONIONWAVE releases: