OWV007: “DETOUR” is the second album by Paweł Kasperski under the name P.A.F.F. (fifth overall). As the 28-year-old producer admits, on this release he decided to find a common ground of all his previous projects (P.A.F.F., unitrΔ_Δudio, Hayfevah). “DETOUR” is not a continuation of his latest EDM/trap releases – you will not experience huge doses of heavy club music here – instead you will hear a lot of electronic experiments and nods towards the musical past.


  1. Brand New Life
  2. Mood Swing Riddim
  3. So Free (feat. kay.leen.)
  4. Paradise
  5. Meltdown II
  6. Friendzone
  7. J.O.M.O.
  8. 71 Bounce
  9. Sunrise (with Romański feat. Łukasz Pękacki) 02:52

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