OWV015: P.A.F.F. “808 WAYS TO DIE” [EP]

OWV015: P.A.F.F. is back to the sounds he’s mostly known and loved for – hard-hitting electronic trap! “808 Ways to Die” consists of 5 bangers that will turn Area 51 into Area 808. Paweł included many interesting artists on the project: Rockstar Payso from NY, LexBlaze from London and 808_bros (Gedz & LOAA) from Poland.


  1. FACTS (intro)
  2. HIGHLY (trance trap)
  3. READY (feat. Rockstar Payso)
  4. TELL ‘EM (with 808bros)
  5. BLOODSUCKERZ (feat. LexBlaze)
  6. WHERE I WANNA BE (808 edit)
  7. HIGHLY (bonus trance mix)

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