OWV016: t dot est “re:Anton” [ALBUM]

OWV016: “re:Anton” from t dot est is the third volume of the ANTON series. This one contains remixes of tracks from previous volumes: “Project Anton” and “PA2”. New versions of t dot est’s tracks were produced by people associated with the Krakow electronic scene – Piotr Figiel, Mat Czechowicz, Wojciech Kiwer, Synthezaur, Kris Mandre – as well as guests from other Polish cities – P.A.F.F., Maro Music, Zeu5, Wojtek Kiełbicki, Michal Gutkowski, Kuba Adamek. The whole album oscillates around electronic music: techno, house, electro and drum’n’bass.


  1. 0403EV06 feat. Olga Ostrowska (Zeu5 remix)
  2. THC2510 (Maro Music remix)
  3. EAS1010 (Wojtek Kielbicki remix)
  4. FFV3112 feat. Jexus (Piotr Figiel remix)
  5. 0403EV06 feat. Olga Ostrowska (Kuba Adamek remix)
  6. THC2510 (Wojciech Kiwer remix)
  7. 1203JUSU08 feat. Weronika Kowalska (Kris Mandre remix)
  8. ATC1311 (Michal Gutkowski remix)
  9. 1203JUSU08 feat. Weronika Kowalska (Mat Czechowicz remix)
  10. 0203MI07 (Synthezaur remix)
  11. 1405JUSU11 feat. Susanna Jara (P.A.F.F. remix)

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