OWV020: t dot est “PA2” [ALBUM]

OWV020: t dot est’s 2nd album from the “Anton” saga – “PA2” (2018) – gets re-released by ONIONWAVE for digital platforms! “PA2” is full of calm, ambient soundscapes. It sounds like reverberations bouncing off from different ends of the cosmos. The entire project was completed using only analog synthesizers.


  1. 0403EV06 (feat. Olga Ostrowska)
  2. 0401EL04
  3. 1405JUSU11 (feat. Susanna Jara)
  4. 0501EV08
  5. 0203MI07
  6. 0401SUEL04
  7. 0903MMEVSU06
  8. 0101EV02
  9. 1203JUSU008 (feat. Weronika Kowalska)
  10. 0401ELJU04 (feat. Jexus)
  11. 0403ELJU04 (feat. Jexus)
  12. 0201MISU02
  13. 0405SU02
  14. 0301EL07 (feat. Olga Ostrowska)
  15. 0703JUMM09
  16. 0201PE04
  17. 1003PE04 (feat. Julie Hasfjord)
  18. 0301PE04
  19. PA2 Landing Siberia (feat. Jexus)

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