OWV027: t dot est “A40” [ALBUM]

OWV027: The fourth, final album from t dot est’s “Anton” saga is “A40” (Anton 4.0 – Annihilation 2020). It is the return of the main character Anton to Earth and its annihilation. All that is left of humankind is the forms of water and dust… but there is a light of hope. “A40” was recorded with 80s analog synthesizers – Roland D-50 and Yamaha DX7. On the album you can also hear stringed instruments – ronroco, octave guitar (featuring Szymon Mika), baglama (featuring Cinar Timur) and electric guitar (featuring Jakub Zytecki). The track “S141521” features vocals from Koshiro Hino of the group GOAT (Japan) and Krzysztof Hankus from the group escapism (Poland).


  1. F2007
  2. S141521 (feat. Szymon Mika, Koshiro Hino & Krzysztof Hankus)
  3. C12152004 (feat. Jakub Zytecki)
  4. D201819
  5. I0305 (feat. Szymon Mika)
  6. A1808 (feat. Cinar Timur)
  7. R010914
  8. S19050113
  9. A40 LIGHT (feat. Jakub Zytecki)

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