P.A.F.F.’s new album “DETOUR” – release date + tracklist!


I was tired of pumpin’ EDM/trap sounds, I had the impression that I was exhausted (shout out to Getter). I was also tired of my split personality due to the unitrΔ_Δudio alias.

Therefore, I decided to go against the flow and do something from the heart. I tried to find a common ground of all of my previous projects (P.A.F.F., unitrΔ_Δudio, Hayfevah) and I think I succeeded. This is by no means a continuation of the route defined by the album “Fala”, hence the title of the new record is “DETOUR”. There are no huge doses of heavy club music, there is also no chasing for what is fresh and fashionable. There are a lot of electronic experiments and nods towards the musical past instead.

Featured on the album are three fantastic, talented guests: Kay.leen. (vocals), Romański (additional production) and Łukasz Pękacki (guitars).

“DETOUR” will be out April 26 on my label ONIONWAVE. It would be nice if you checked it. Thank you in advance!

– Pawel


  1. Brand New Life
  2. Mood Swing Riddim
  3. So Free (feat. Kay.leen.)
  4. Paradise
  5. Meltdown II
  6. Friendzone
  7. J.O.M.O.
  8. 71 Bounce
  9. Sunrise (feat. Romański & Łukasz Pękacki)

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